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The Schweizer Fest Pageant will be held in the auditorium of the Tell City Junior-Senior High School (700 12th St, Tell City) on Sunday, August 8, 2021 at 5:00pm.   Pageant Divisions are as follows:

Miss Schweizer Fest - Ages 17-21 - MUST be from Perry County and not turn 22 before July of 2022.  The winner of the Miss Schweizer Fest will represent Perry County at the Indiana State Festivals Pageant in January 2022.  Candidate cannot be married, have a child or be expecting.  

Miss Teen Schweizer Fest - Ages 13-16 - Does not have to be a resident of Perry County.  The winner of the Miss Teen may be asked to assist during the Schweizer Fest. 

Miss Pre-Teen Schweizer Fest - Ages 9-12 - Does not have to be a resident of Perry County.  The winner of the Pre-Teen Schweizer Fest may be asked to assist during the Schweizer Fest. 

Little Miss Schweizer Fest - Ages 5-8 - Does not have to be a resident of Perry County.

Tiny Miss Schweizer Fest - Ages 2-4.  Does not have to be a resident of Perry County.

Toddler Miss Schweizer Fest - Ages 12mos - 23 mos - Does not have to be a resident of Perry.

General Information:

  • Miss, Teen & Pre-teen is a $35.00 entry fee.  Each contestant will receive a Schweizer Fest Pageant T-Shirt with their entry fee.
  • Miss, Teen & Pre-teen will go through an interview process.  The interview times will be given at one of the Pageant practices.  Interview attire should be Business Casual - Business Appropriate.
  • Miss, Teen, Pre-teen & Little will do an introduction on stage.  The introduction should be short, announce your name, age and anything you feel pertinent for the judges to know during the introduction.
  • Dress for all categories should be Pageant attire.  Full length gowns are recommended for ages 5 and up.  Ages 12mos - 4 years do not have to be full length gowns.
  • Contestants ages 9-21 will do a formal pageant walk for the judges.  (This will be shown at pageant practice)
  • There will be pageant practice at minimum 1 time the week of the pageant.  This will be announced after close of entries.
  • Judges will be out-of-town judges that are associated with the Indiana Pageants and professionally trained for pageants. 
  • Judges selections are final.  Judging score sheets will NOT be given.  Judges comments geared to help the pageant contestant in the future will be shared with the contestant if requested. (Note:  Some judges will not make comments)
  • This pageant is sponsored by LuLu's Prom and Bridal.  LuLu's has no input in the selection of the winners.  These are selected wholly by the judges that are selected for the pageant.
  • Registration will be accepted through July 28th and can be entered at - under the "Other" tab.  Payment may be made by Paypal at the time of entry or by Cash at LuLu's Prom and Bridal, 1408 Main Street, Tell City, Indiana.  
  • Questions can be directed to LuLu's Prom and Bridal, 812-772-2013, texting Beth Hauser at 812-619-0743 or emailing  
  • Admission is $2.00 per person and will be donated to the Tell City Junior-Senior High School.